Replicant brings fashion to the future and creates new opportunities since 20 May 2020.. Everyone can try on a digital garment here, and all designers can exhibit their works in a new digital way.
This is a new experience of self-perception and interaction with the world and people around. An opportunity to express yourself without harming the planet. One of the cornerstone functions of clothing is the social one. Your image is always a statement, display of your mood, interests, likes and dislikes, and your self-identity in this conceptual cloud. And digital clothing goes much further here than its' physical predecessor.
Taking digital fashion to the Earth's orbit!

This is an extraordinary moment for us as we are happy to present the first-ever CYBR digital drop!

This is a beautiful story of the Earth-orbiting residential space station and tourist hotspot and the two digital looks worn by the elite onboard the station.

How to wear a digital outfit
Choose digital outfit
First, you need to choose a digital garment in replicant online-store.
Upload a photo and pay
Add the garment you like to a cart, then upload a photo and make a purchase.
And that's it!
No later than 48 hours, you will receive a photo on which you are wearing a brand new digital outfit.
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