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Replicant brings fashion to the future and creates new opportunities. Everyone can try on a digital garment here, and all designers can exhibit their works in a new digital way.
  • Digital garments provide infinite freedom for self-expression and creation – for those, who wear digital, and for all designers and brands. Virtual clothes are made from the most incredible fabrics and not always follow the laws of physics.
  • No physical or natural resources are required to create a digital garment. Digital fashion cares about ecology and the environment.
  • Digital garments are constructed based on real templates and using professional 3D applications for tailors. Hence virtual clothes can be produced in reality.
  • You don't have to buy a new physical garment if you only need another catchy Instagram post.
  • How to wear a digital outfit – three simple steps.

What is digital outfit

Digital garment is an outfit created in a professional 3D-applications, which is applied to your photo. This outfit doesn't exist in reality. It all works as simple as that - you choose a digital garment from the replicant store, send us your photo and soon we return the same photo to you, but you're now dressed in a futuristic digital garment you chose. It looks like real, alive, but next thing could be the question popping up in your head…

On this pic - 100% digital лук

"Why would I need a digital garment?"

This is a new experience of self-perception and interaction with the world and people around. An opportunity to express yourself without harming the planet. Sometimes a doubt can occur: how can I spend real money to buy virtual stuff. But it is just the same kind of sensual experience as renting a movie on iTunes, reading, music, going to a theatre or an art gallery, and so on. One of the cornerstone functions of clothing is the social one. Your image is always a statement, display of your mood, interests, likes and dislikes, and your self-identity in this conceptual cloud. And digital clothing goes much further here than its' physical predecessor.
digital is real

True, it only exists in a digital dimension.
But it is not less real because of that. Digital fashion opens limitless doors for self-expression.

It could be made from the most incredible, fantastic, unrealistic fabrics and textures, and have all possible and impossible color mixes and not always follow the laws of physics.

Digital neon furrr–is very usual in the world of digital fashion. It looks like space travel, just as you are really dressed in this futuristic garment and took a photo in your house, in Central Park or in Piccadilly. You cannot tell what is digital and what is real in this kind of photos.

Conscious consumption, technology, a new mindset

No physical or natural resources are required to create a digital garment. We believe that digital fashion holds the future, and that technology will help to rethink the industry and its' processes. Overproduction, overconsumption is the sad features of today. So much clothing is being produced every season, that at the end of it brands burn tonnes of wear to maintain demand and prices. So many garments are bought just for the sake of a couple of nights out, a few Instagram posts, and then buried in a wardrobe for ages. The fashion industry is one of the most toxic.

Good news is that digital clothes digital garments are constructed based on real templates and using professional 3D-applications for tailors. Hence virtual clothes can be produced in reality. And brands and designers can present their new works digitally, collect pre-orders, produce limited capsules.

And if you only need another post in social media, there is no need to buy a physical garment anymore. You can try on digital clothes, which can be far more juicy and fantastic than any real outfit.

replicant for designers and brands

If you are a designer, we invite you to try a new way of presenting your works. Please send us CLO3D renders, description of your brand and collections, and we will be happy to make you part of replicant. If you're not so sure how to deal with digital fashion and create virtual garments, we can help with guidance and assist to make your collections digital.

We want to promote digital fashion as hard as we can and make it accessible to everyone.