Ecoolska x replicant
Ecoolska is a new sustainable fashion brand, a socially responsible clothing brand that will become revolutionary in the fashion world, the flagship of technological and ideological breakthroughs. We are for new values and methods of production, they are based on caring for the planet and people. We are one of the first brands in the world that creates digital fashion!

We are against overproduction and overconsumption, we strive for zero waste. We create high-quality clothes from eco-friendly, recycled and innovative fabrics that will serve you for a long time. We are for the transparency of production and support decent wages. We are for the development of the local market: we create clothes in the Russian Federation for the Russian and CIS markets, for the European market we produce in Portugal.

This is a brand for people who are not indifferent to the future of the planet, value freedom and equality, and at the same time want to be stylish and fashionable.
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100% digital
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