Anna Domini x replicant
Anna Domini x Regina Turbina
Anna Domini is a new name in the world of comics. Inspired by cinema and virtual games, the author created this project for six years, exploring the Soviet architecture of the 30s-50s, the plots of fairy tales and ancient mythology.

Welcome to the SANATORИЙ!
The sanatorium "Cypress" is a fictional world, a collective image of the hospitals of the Black Sea resorts.
"SANATORИЙ" is presented in the St. Petersburg gallery Le Store — the exhibition includes two paintings, author's graphics and fabrics with prints.

Together with the electronic duo LunarEscapeSystem and singer Katya Celebrity, a soundtrack was created that helped reveal this world in music and in otherworldly sounds (a QR code for listening is attached to the book). Virtual clothing designer Regina Turbina created several dresses for the comic book heroine, which became the basis for a paper doll. With the Wood Moss perfume brand, a specific smell of the southern hospital was developed for the pages of the book, and a limited number of perfumes