diana arno x replicant
DIANA ARNO is a brand of women's clothing from the Baltic States, founded in 2011. Interpreting the trends of the 1970s and the modern context, designer Diana Arno leads a fascinating game of contrasts and creates a design not just beyond time, but rather timeless.

Supermodel Carmen Kass took to the catwalk for the first time in her homeland only for DIANA ARNO. Among the clients of the brand are the soloist of Vanilla Ninja Piret Jarvis, the wife of the former president of Estonia Evelin Ilves and others.

The brand is sold in an online store, as well as in London, New York, Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn and Moscow.
In 2020, the DIANA ARNO brand entered the digital fashion market. The first casual capsule includes 6 virtual bows that duplicate images from the pret-a-porter collections. The second -FESTIVE DREAMS is a collection of elegant dresses that does not exist in reality, but is based on best-selling models.
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