Terms of Use & Privacy Policy
Users and customers, are obliged to familiarize and accept the Terms of Use of the website before using it. In case of any questions or unclarities about the Terms of Use, they may contact the company via

1. Agenda

1.1 https:// website ("website").

1.2 studio (Replicant Fashion LLC).

1.3 Customer — any private or corporate entity accessing the website ("Customer").

1.4 Digital garments — graphic images of clothing available for purchase on the website (Digital garments).

1.5 Original photo a customer provides while forming an order and purchasing digital garments and wants to apply a digital garment to (Original photo).

1.6 Replicant Fashion LLC reserves the right to change the Terms of Service anytime without additional notification of customers.

2. Procedure of providing services

2.1 By accessing this website and purchasing digital garments a customer accepts the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

2.2 To make an order and purchase digital garments a customer has to choose a digital garment(s) in the website, provide personal data (name, email, original photo), and complete the payment.

2.3 After successful payment a customer will receive confirmation with order details sent to the email provided by the customer while making the order.

2.4 The service will be completed no later than 48 hours after successful payment given that the original photo matches the requirements defined in the website section "How to wear a digital garment".

2.5 In case the original photo does not meet the requirements, Replicant Fashion LLC will contact the customer within 12 hours after successful payment and request another photograph. In this case the service will be completed no later than 48 hours after receiving the photo, which matches the requirements.

2.7. The service considered completed when the original photo is edited by the Replicant Fashion LLC in a manner when a digital garment, chosen and purchased by a customer, is applied to it. The edited photo will be sent the email address provided by a customer while purchasing a digital garment.

2.8 Replicant Fashion LLC is fulfilling the service with all available competence and skills and is not obliged to received and remarks or request for changes from any customer.

3. Payments and prices.

3.1 Prices for the service is entitled in US Dollars. Customers may acknowledge prices for every digital garment while choosing them in the website.

3.2 Replicant Fashion LLC receives online payments by bank cards or by any other means available and defined in the cart while making an order.

4. Privacy Policy.

Customer's personal information obtained through the website is protected and held secure permanently in line with the Act on Personal Data Protection. Personal information on the customers will be used exclusively for the purpose of forming and fulfilling contracts and services that these general terms pertain to. Personal details may also be used to inform the customer about any offers, updates and other similar information of relevance. All details about the users and customers are severely secured and available only to designated employees and those who require the information to fulfil their jobs successfully. The customer has the right to request amendments, additions or the deletion of personal details at any moment. The customer also has the right to object to the processing of their personal details for the purpose of informing the customer.

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5. Other.

Customers use the website at their own risk. Replicant Fashion LLC is not in any way responsible for the possible damage the customer could suffer by using the website. The authors and other physical or legal entities which are involved in creating, producing or distributing the website are not responsible for any damage which occurs as a consequence of using or the inability to use the aforementioned website.