In the year 2121 "OFF-WORLD" a residential space station orbits the Earth. Augmented Reality glasses are now as normal as today's smartphones. Space station living on the OFF-WORLD is luxurious and otherworldly, with never before seen galactic views.

Onboard fashion has evolved, transporting and manufacturing fabrics into physical garments on the station is seen as antiquated, its unsustainable and polluting ways deemed old fashioned.

The station's residents buy digital fashion garments, with limitless creativity and expression, displayed through CYBR Corp AR lenses in real time. Algae caviar is the superfood of the moment, and those on board are healed and treated by bioprinting.
CYBR OFF-WORLD 002 Trench-Coat
Bring your 00s gothic fantasy into the future with the Y2K inspired trench coat. Worn by the elite aboard the OFF-WORLD space station.

- Reflective Leather
- Brushed Metal hardware with Cobra style buckles
CYBR OFF-WORLD 001 Jumpsuit
Reflect your ambitions with the Y2K inspired jumpsuit. Worn by the elite aboard the OFF-WORLD space station.

- Liquid metal material
- Shoulder and stomach cutouts
- Blue edging
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