Independent fashion label of conceptual womenswear and unisex clothes combining a strong cut and minimalistic elements from uniform and workwear.

YULIA YEFIMTCHUK+ presents clothes as an art, transmitting actual social issues of modern society, researching the past, predicting the future, finding connections.

The brand draws inspiration from the Soviet Union's nostalgic aura of the 1920s and 1980s. The Cyrillic alphabet is used for prints as an interpretation of Soviet posters and slogans.

SS 2021 digital preview

The digital capsule "МИР" is a preview of the SS2021 season. This is the first digital experiment for the brand. This is a stunning alternative for conscious fashion, new way of sustainable consumption - an opportunity to take measures against overproduction, taking care about the environment. And another way to try on new looks before going physical (in case you choose the physical option at all).

Three primary colors were set for the digital capsule - black, red and white - the palette which is very typical for the brand. The main idea of the collection is a call to PEACE - physical and spiritual.

We must always remember that all of us are human beings living on the same planet, and it is important to reach out, hear, understand and help each other no matter what.
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