JESSICA JAMES x replicant

Jessica Nwalozie (Jessica James) is a Nigerian based freelance illustrator, designer and 3D artist. She specializes in transforming 2D digital illustrations into 3D virtual garments and also creates realistic characters and environments to simulate an eye-catching virtual experience.

I've always believed there's so much more fashion can be and with the growing acceptance of virtual/augmented realities, this is only the beginning and super great because I believe it's a more sustainable approach to fashion the use of technology in this way.


This collection was born out of breaking out of the restraints and rules I have personally placed on my creative abilities, for the longest time all I wanted to do was follow the rules. When COVID-19 hit last year, the world was in so much chaos and all the rules changed, I realized then that rules are not meant to restrict but are constantly adjusted or changed to fit the circumstances.

I drew most of my inspiration from sea creatures like jellyfish, coral reefs and seaweed, I developed motives from the shapes of these objects and also took colour inspiration from them as well. Watching videos of jellyfish and how they moved influenced the general silhouette of the collection and it was sort of outer-worldly hence the name ALIEN.
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100% digital
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