Ksenia Plisova x replicant
Ksenia Plisova

Ksenia Plisova is a Russian artist and fashion designer. Her area of study -information society, meme culture, digital everyday life, communication systems, problems of sorting and storing information, cyberfeminism, posthuman.
The CYBERFEM collection is based on references to the essay A CYBORG MANIFESTO by Donna Haraway, the work ALL NEW GEN by VMS Matrix. Already now there is a merging of a person with a machine, at least through a digital image. The environmental aspect of digital clothing is also important — its production and disposal does not cause damage to the environment. Structurally, the collection originates in a non-linear architecture, representing it in a small form. Flowing lines and smooth shapes are designed to harmoniously fit the image of a person into the future, which has already come.

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